On the Road with Andy Palmer for Production of The Monk

Preproduction for Andy Palmer’s song The Monk began in the first portion of April of 2013. Andy Palmer writer and performer of The Monk, myself and the Associate Producer Kit Chalberg first sat down to discuss ideas and concepts for the video. We started the process with the… “which song?” discussion and came round and round until we landed right back where we began… The Monk.

During the making of the video we went traveled to the Eastern Planes of Colorado, the Great Sand Dunes and Downtown Denver in order to get just the right look for each scene. We spent two days shooting and traveling for the initial shoot. Kit, Andy, Mark Chalberg, Chuck Fiorella and myself drove almost 500 miles round trip to get to all the locations.

Photo by Kit Chalberg Photography / Visual FX by Tage Plantell

After getting back to the post production facility, I noticed that I had gotten a great look for the shots of Andy walking in slow motion down the two lane road but, I knew when we shot it that I really wanted to shoot it on a steady mounted camera system like a Steadicam or Glidecam. So I bought a Glidecam and we went back to the same location in Watkins in order to reshoot the “lip-synching” shots with Andy all over again. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Not only did the Glidecam work like a charm, but the FS-700 Sony camera -that I had bought just prior to starting the production- was starting to make more sense to me and as a result I our shots were looking WAY better.

After editing began, I had to take a large break to knock out a couple of projects… One was directing, shooting and editing an online series called Riding the Line for The Race Across America and the other was creating a sit-down acoustic video for the popular band The Dirtyheads for The Pier’s Acoustic Music Series.

In July, we had determined that adding one more scene would really help to make the 1,2,3 rhythm of crossing paths between Andy’s character and the Monk for a better pay-off in the end. So, we went back out and shot the additional scene where Andy’s character stops in to the convenience store for a pack of smokes and yet again just barely misses the Monk.

I got a new computer and new set of software -if I’m gonna take this job seriously I have to have the right gear… right?!. So I got all of the new post-production equipment set up, made it through all of the “firsts” of new gear and then continued on my plight with the video.

So here we are in the middle of August and I’ve finally gotten things wrapped up. I’m proud of the finished product, but I have a ton of new ideas and concepts that I can’t wait to apply to the next video that is coming up.