Next Up... Rachel and the Kings

The first time I heard Rachel James' music was a few years back in a listening session at the Durango Songwriter's Expo.  I remember being blown away by the tune that she brought to the session that day and ever since then, I knew that she was headed on the right track.

Rachel James of Rachel and the Kings / Silver Halide Pictures ©2014

I heard through the grapevine that Rachel's band Rachel and the Kings were about to release a new EP/album and so it made sense to see if they were interested in shooting a music video.  I spoke with Rachel and she described a really innovative art-collective idea that she was planning on curating to coincide with the album's release.  The collective was to feature art of all kinds including; photography, stories, poems, sculpture, dramatic skits and videos, all of which were to be inspired -one way or another- by the band's new music.  They approached me and asked if I wanted to contribute something to it.  I liked the concept of their innovative idea, so I said yes, and I started planning.  

I met with the band and I pitched them some ideas, one of which would have taken us out of state -and potentially to jail- and another that would featured the band along with some puppets.  After a lot of debate, some dead-ends and self-realization as a producer, I decided that we should head over to ManMadeMedia to shoot in their studio. 

Since all of the grandiose ideas that I initially had didn't work out for one reason or another, I finally decided that instead of going BIG on this music video, we should go the complete opposite direction which meant that we would strip the band down to their most basic individual elements...  lead singer, guitarist, violinist, bass player and drummer. 

The shoot was scheduled for Tuesday evening, just 4 days prior to the Saturday that the video would have it's premiere.  The race to complete the project in time was on!

With my camera assistant Kit Chalberg and the clock ticking, we began the 6 hour shoot.  I shot with the RED Scarlet and the FS-700 for all of the 24p and 48p shots and a RED Epic for all of the 60-120 fps slo-mo shots.  I was really happy with the way the RED shot under the Kino-flos without any flicker at higher frame rates.

Just prior to shooting on the set, I created an in-camera look that allowed everyone watching the reference monitor to get a rough idea of what the post-produced image would look like.

The band, as a whole, has a really fun sense of humor and they were very easy to work with.... so needless to say, the shoot was a blast and our time in the studio flew by.  

Once we wrapped, I knew that we had some great footage and I found myself psyched to begin editing. 

When screening the shots, I realized that I liked the on-set "look" so much that it made sense to kept it as the final look for the video. 

I experimented with a few different style techniques during post-production and ultimately the original concept prevailed, to showcase the fundamental elements of the band and let the performers be the focus of the video.

On the evening of the premiere, I finished the video with about 20 minutes to spare before the Premiere began.  

I've always believed that there is no bigger challenge that one in which you might not succeed, so I feel proud to have delivered this level of quality in a video, on-time and under such a tight deadline.


"Tage's creativity and passion on our recent music video was an amazing experience. With very little time to spare he directed and created a gorgeous video that communicated our music perfectly.  He was professional and tireless and the final product was a perfect reflection of the entire process.  High quality, expertly edited, beautiful work."


             -Rachel James