Pushing Artistic Boundaries with Da Mad Unicorn

I first came across Madeline when I was searching for talent on another project that I was working on.  I remember thinking that she would be a really great alternative-model.  It wasn't long after that, I discovered that she is also a DJ and Musician as well.  

Da Mad Unicorn's - 5 Pills

Madeline inquired with me about making a music video for one of her new singles.  She then went on to share her obsession with Marilyn Monroe, pin-up-girls and burlesque dancing...  and after listening to a few of her new songs, it was obvious that we should shoot a video for 5 Pills. 

I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone on this video, so I presented Madeline with an edgy video concept.  Once I discovered her comfort level with it, I realized that this video was heading past the corporate-style of MTV music videos and more into the realm of  the "art-nude" style of films that have been more acceptable in European markets for many years. 

We considered a few historic locations in Denver for this shoot.  The Brown Palace, The Oxford and the Patterson Inn.  Ultimately, the Patterson Historic Inn won the vote, it offered the right vintage Victorian feel and "The Royale" -the appropriately named room at the Patterson- delivered an elegant vintage interior design.

Da Mad Unicorn's - 5 Pills. 

My friend and fellow filmmaker Jeffrey Knudsen lent a hand during the pre-lighting session on the day and Madeline's friend Shaun Slaughter joined us for the shoot itself and ended up being instrumental during the "floating-light" portion of the shoot.  

Using a RED Scarlet, I shot some of the takes hand-held, some with a lens-baby lens and some on a slider.  As far as lighting was concerned, I I love experimenting with different lighting ratios and types of lighting instruments as well and I remember thinking that I would favor one look over another, but I ultimately used moments from every set-up that we tried.  

During the editing portion of post-production, I auditioned many color-treatments onto this footage -mostly because I love that part of this creative process-  but in the end, I decided that I didn't like any of the post looks better than the inherent look that I got in camera on the set... which made me happy.   Not only does that completely speed up post-production time, but it makes me feel pretty great that I'm getting a stellar look in camera. 

Without clear "rules" set in place for the edit of the video, I went ahead, edited and delivered my version of the cut -which I felt served the video really well.  After reviewing my initial cut Madeline replied by writing... "It made me cry it's so perfect!!!"

I have to admit, that her comment made my day!  I love being able to make clients happy, while doing what I love for work. YES!!!!