Tage Plantell is the Founder and Creative Director at Silver Halide Pictures

Tage Plantell is the Founder and Creative Director at Silver Halide Pictures

People ask me, “What is Silver Halide?”

Technically speaking, it’s the essential element in film emulsion that is responsible for making images as a result of the chemical reaction that occurs when exposed to light.

However, for me… it’s much more.

The name Silver Halide Pictures is a nostalgic nod to my early days of shooting film cameras. Before the digital medium became ubiquitous.

SHP is a production company that crafts digital, cinematic quality, high-resolution, visual content for a variety of industries including music, broadcast, commercial, corporate, web, and television.

In recent years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with TNT, AXStv, Ducatti, Pirelli, Michelin, IBEW, McDonalds, Under Armour, Race Across America, Volkswagen, Toyota, NAVY, Harley Davidson, Trek, Sprint, Adidas, Alfa Romeo, Kawasaki, Yonder Mountain String Band, John Butler Trio, Anders Osborn, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Dirty Heads and more.

Every business, every brand… has a message to share and a story to tell.  I really enjoy working with repeat clients as well as developing relationships with new clients where I have the opportunity to help them shape their story into a creative visual experience that will engage their audience.

I am proud of my company’s ability to create great visual content whether a small-scale or a full-scale approach is required. This flexibility allows me to meet any project’s needs and offer my clients a handful of solutions.